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Your Website is your personal corner of the Internet. It's a place for your business, your portfolio, your hobbies. A place to call home. It's your space where you can express yourself uniquely.

There are many ways to get a Website and an Internet presence. There are pre-built templates. There are custom-coded platforms. There's Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and hundreds more social platforms.

The three options outlined below allow VanNoppen Marketing to configure the Internet solution that is right for you. Just remember, your Internet presence -- Website included -- should reflect who you are and look good doing it. 

Give VanNoppen Marketing a call. You'll look great on the Web.

Full Package

VanNoppen can offer you the entire range of the website development process from start to finish including:

  • Our full range of graphics skills ranging from logo to print and website design
  • A custom built CMS based on open source and open standards
  • Custom coding specific for the need of your website from eCommerce to private web portals
  • Help on getting the correct domain name
  • Search engine optimization
  • Our hosting and CDN servers
  • Future website maintenance to prevent security risks
  • Email forwarding or complete email solutions
  • Integrated Social Network development enabling you to easily manage multiple networks and profiles with a single dashboard

VanNoppen Marketing can build your entire web presence from the ground up!

For more information on our open source and open standards CMS platform see Upstairs.

Quick Start

To save you time and cost, VanNoppen constantly collaborates with leading pre-built Website template packages, including Squarespace, Weebly,, and more. We can help you with:

  • Getting started with any online website platform
  • Purchasing domain names
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content curation
  • Long term maintenance
  • Email forwarding or custom email solutions
  • Integrated Social Network development enabling you to easily manage multiple networks and profiles with a single dashboard

VanNoppen can set everything up for you, guide you through the uses of these platforms and hand everything off to you so you can maintain your own web presence. We'll also always be here by phone or email if you need help. (Read why we don't recommend WordPress.)


If you already have a web presence and simply want a second opinion or need help maintaining your current setup, we' are experienced in almost every web platform:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content curation and regular updates
  • Social network content curation and updates
  • Search engine blacklist support
  • Website load time optimizations via resource minimization and CDN usage
  • Domain name purchasing
  • Custom email setup using Google's or Microsoft's platforms
  • Hosting support or custom website hosting

VanNoppen Marketng is expert in the field of social network marketing and website maintenance.

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