A Complete Web Suite, Built Just For You.

Upstairs is a web deployment and content management system developed by VanNoppen Marketing for the rapid creation and deployment of flexible, powerful, compelling websites.

Powerful Admin Interface

Using Django as our backbone, we already have an outstanding admin interface for every feature of your website. We improve upon that by using Grappelli and some of our own custom modules to bring you the best admin experience possible. Changes should be quick and easy, not take all day.

Custom Plugins

We build custom modules for whatever you need on your website. Not only do you get the power of Django and Upstairs, you also get items tailored specifically for your needs. No excess fields or hard to install addons, we do it all for you.

Hand Crafted Design

Your website's design is built from the ground up by our professional in-house designers. You will have a unique, original, beautiful website. We go through many iterations, asking for your input every step of the way, to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Security is a Priority

We keep a close eye on security bulletins and our servers receive updates as soon as they are available. Secure passwords, hashing and encryption are used every step of the way. Our servers have firewalls and all unnecessary ports are blocked and monitored. VanNoppen Marketing is constantly vigilant and cares about your protection.

Built for SEO

From an auto-generating sitemap, easily accessible meta tag editing, and our carefully cultivated HTML — Upstairs websites are easy for search engines to find and crawl.

Fast and Efficient

Upstairs caches all queries to memcached providing an extremely fast way to recycle previously gathered information. We also use CloudFlare's CDN services to deliver static files from servers all around the world making our system not only fast, but efficient.

Want a demo?

Contact us using any of the information below and we'll be happy to walk you through how easy it is to use Upstairs.

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