The Diamondback - NC226A

We were tasked with developing a brand for NC 226A - a hot stretch of twisting blacktop that winds its way to the Blue Ridge Parkway and is favored by motorcyclists. We named it, The DiamondBack.

The concept is the vision of Gary Jenson, owner of The Switzerland Inn. He realized the popularity of NC 226A and the potential for converting its users into his customers.

VanNoppen Marketing's job was the naming, branding, promoting, integrating and launch of DiamondBack, a brand to reach sports car enthusiasts and motorcyclists traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway adjacent to popular stretch of twisting mountain road, NC-226A. In this case, VNM was instructed to develop a name, to obtain NCDOT’s permission to use the name for the road, develop a logo and brand and deploy “look” across clothing, maps, stickers, websites and advertising. We created The Diamondback. A section of Switzerland Inn was renamed Diamondback Lodge. The property features a Diamondback Store selling everything from shot glasses to ball caps. 

And the work started with an illustration.

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