Billboards for CBS Sports and Burke Primary Care

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Billboard or outdoor advertising is typically a cost effective media and is widely considered essential to any branding campaign.  One billboard placed strategically is as effective as hundreds of newspaper and television ads.A key advantage --- anyone can see them. Unlike newspaper, radio, TV or Internet-based ads, billboard advertising doesn't have to be invited into the home.  And it doesn't have to provide entertainment to sustain its audience.

VanNoppen Marketing Contracted for Valdese Marketing Program

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VALDESE NC (Jan. 21, 2011) –In a progressive move to bolster the vitality of its local merchants and downtown shopping district, the Valdese Town Council recently commissioned VanNoppen Marketing, LLC to develop a comprehensive marketing program to boost awareness and sales - regionally and locally.The plan and subsequent 2011 implementation are supported financially with monies committed by the Valdese Town Council to specifically promote and market Valdese merchants.

Marge Carson Website reengineered for iPad

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VanNoppen Marketing’s web development team created and launched premier furniture crafter Marge Carson’s Website before iPad hit mainstream. It was designed to enrich the Internet furniture exploration experience, especially with rich colors, elegant designs and multi-dimensional Flash-based graphics showcasing Marge Carson’s fine furniture.But Apple’s iPad (and iPhone) do not support Adobe’s Flash programs. So the visual dynamics failed when someone visited the Website with an iPad. While Marge Carson’s Websitetraffic patterns indicated that less than 5% of its recent visitors used a mobile device, 5% was unacceptable to a business with an earned reputation of high quality and forward thinking designs.To insure that the Website presentation maintained its elegance and balance regardless of how people surfed the Internet, we reengineered Marge Carson’s Website to recognize the type of operating system being used to visit the site (i.e. Windows, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, etc.) and created designs customized for those operating systems.

Conover Station Website Launched

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CONOVER, NC (January 2011) -- In an ongoing drive to boost and energize downtown commerce, the city of Conover recently contracted with VanNoppen Marketing to design and host an interactive, multimedia Website promoting its $6.2 million, 27-acre redevelopment project, Conover Station.The new Website,, went live in early January 2011. It details scope, progress and development of the brownfield property in the heart of downtown that was home to the Warlong Glove factory in the 1930s and later, a Broyhill Furniture Ind. factory which closed in 2004.Moving forward, the Cityenvisions Conover Station as a vibrant mixed-use
town center for retail stores, business offices, educational facilities, the county branch library as well as community centers and outdoor spaces.Ideally located on the planned Western North Carolina passenger rail, Conover Station will include a commuter train station and passenger amenities. The site is also part of the future Carolina Thread Trail, a regional greenway initiative providing a connected trail network through 16 counties.

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